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Learn fun and easy Italian for travelcouple eating outside

Italian is a language of delights. It tickles the tongue just to ask for a cappuccino or to say "1999" (mille novecento novanta nove).

Why learn a foreign language?

Dr. Andrew Weil says that one of the best safeguards for the aging brain is to do one of these two things: change your computer's OS or learn a new language. Italian's so deliciously fun, can you say "no brainer"?

What about the grammar?

No grammar worries in Survival Italian 1, just immediate, practical conversation. Later, Nancy correlates English grammar with Italian in a fun way.

What about pronunciation?

We love to practice those pas-sionate double let-ters that make Italian the language of amore. Pretend your voice is on a rol-ler coaster, and you're halfway there!

jester maskItalian has the advantage of making one smile when one speaks it, especially on topics such as linguine alla puttanesca or bruschetta (pronounced broo-SKET-ta).

Note: CH is the Italian K, as in Chianti.